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"CV 247 Capsules and Tablets" – For Animal Treatment, particularly for cancer.
28 EUR
20 EUR including 27% Hungarian VAT
A "Substance with Therapeutic Effect" containing 30 capsules, 30 tablets and bilingual instructions for use with information on dosage, special feeding etc.
For further details, please see the information leaflet.

(20 EUR)

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"CV 247 Mineral capsules" – For Human Use
126 EUR including 27% Hungarian VAT

(20 EUR)

30 capsules containing the salicilate-free components of CV 247 and bilingual instructions for use. It is an antioxidant, immune stimulant diet supplement for human use, produced in the United Kingdom and registered in Hungary. It is for the assistance of recovery after medical or surgical intervention, for the stimulation and strengthening of the immune system and for improving vitality and the quality and expectation of life. Particularly advantageous for those, who on medical advice regularly take Aspirin or some flavonoid preparation.
For further details, please see the information leaflet.
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Contents of each bottle: 300 ml of CV247 solution for home use.

Use: for the adjuvant treatment for the improvement of the well-being and life expectancy of dogs suffering from malignant tumours. Apart from being a roborant, its use could be also be advantageous for animals treated with chemo- or radiotherapy and for the prevention or delay of the recurrance of surgically removed or de-bulked malignant tumours, with Vitamin C and special dieting as described in “Information for Use” leaflet.

Target species: Dogs affected or operated on with malignant tumours.

Mode of action: Antioxidant, immunstimulant, anti-prostaglandin roburant.

Ingredients: Each 10 ml (maximum dose) contains 20 mg manganese gluconate, 20 mg copper gluconate and 350 mg sodium salicylate dissolved in distilled water. 400 mg vitamin C powder to be added for mixing just before use with the plastic measuring scoop provided.

Instructions: With the syringe provided measure 10 ml Base Solution into a cup, then add one measuring scoopful (appx 400 mg) vitamin C powder for mixing in by sucking the mixture up and down with the syringe.

Dose: 1 ml per 4Kg body weight of this mixture with Vitamin C, not exceeding 10 ml.

Administration: dose to be given orally by syringe or in little food before the diet meal.

Frequency: Twice daily to be reduced to once daily when advised by the veterinarian.

Storage: Once bottle is opened, store in a refrigerator for maximum one month.

Disposal: unused solution into drain with fast flow of water. Environmentally harmless.

Precautions: wash hands after handling. Keep it away from children. Do not use for food animals, pregnant and suckling bitches, and only with caution for copper-sensitive breeds.

Interactions: The administration of an NSAIDs already used or need to be used for other conditions has to be considered by the treating veterinary surgeon, in view of the salicilate in CV 247 is also an NSAID. No evidence of incompatibily has been forthcoming so far, but dosages need to take this into account.

Adverse effects: possible allergic or idiosyncratic reactions. If so, seek veterinary advice.

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