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Ivy Medical Chemicals plc
54 Sun Street, Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 1EJ
0800 0834 753
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Ad Astra-Ivy Medical Chemicals Hungary Kft.
1016 Budapest, Naphegy tér 2, HUNGARY
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Ivy Medical Chemicals Plc -


Ivy Medical Chemicals plc is an innovative pharmaceutical company whose principal activity is in the development of a patented combination product called CV 247. CV 247 has been the subject of a series of studies in companion animals in need of treatment and human patients to assess its potential as a possible treatment for various cancers and its positive effect on quality of life.

The purpose of this web site is to provide information on the constituents of the product together with details of the various studies undertaken. CV 247 is not currently licensed in countries other than Hungary for effect on quality of life or for treating cancers in either animals or humans and no claim is therefore being made on this web site for either efficacy or safety in territories other than Hungary.

It is the intention of the company to report the data generated from the different studies undertaken to allow the reader the opportunity to review the information available.

The Company is quoted on PLUS Markets and much of its history and activities since 1999 can be viewed in the regulatory announcements by clicking here.


Telephone: 0800 0834 753

CV247 is currently distributed in the UK by Lexon UK Ltd who can only supply this to any registered UK pharmacies and Veterinary surgeries on a named patient basis as an unlicensed medicine with a valid prescription.

If you have a prescription and are having difficulties with getting this item , you can visit our online pharmacy partner by following the link

Information for Doctors

Please click here to download a PDF file with information for doctors.